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Our Approach

The Axios Foundation is dedicated to strengthening communities and increasing access to health care in developing countries through innovative approaches, with a particular focus on improving health systems and building local capacity.  We believe in engaging all stakeholders and providing them with the tools and capabilities to provide quality healthcare.  We seek out unique solutions and creative ideas that build on existing systems and infrastructure to avoid duplication and inefficiencies.

We have successfully deployed the Axios Mobilization Methodology (AMM), a powerful tool for assessing the needs of health systems and communities and mobilizing them to take leadership in addressing these needs themselves, in a number of countries. The central principle of the AMM is that the people who are asked to assess a problem are also the people who will be responsible for implementing the solution.  By encouraging local ownership and involving key stakeholders at all levels, Axios sets the stage for sustainability from project inception. 

Our assessment teams include representatives from government institutions, private institutions, non-governmental organizations and community-based institutions, who are all working together towards common goals.  By bringing these diverse actors together, the AMM often results in lasting multi-sectoral partnerships with the capability to generate and carryout unique solutions.  This participatory approach ensures that all stakeholders are engaged from day one, providing meaningful input to help us understand challenges, develop strategies, and implement solutions. 

Axios incorporates capacity and team building into is approach to improve the skills and understanding of issues related to the implementation of specific interventions.  We place a strong emphasis on sustainability and achieve this by developing local capabilities through training, workshops, and on the job mentoring.  In addition, Axios implements a robust transition planning strategy to ensure that our clients are prepared to take over operational, financial, and administrative responsibility upon program completion or graduation.