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Our Services

The Axios Foundation provides a broad range of services in the global health sector to governments and institutions to help modernize and strengthen health systems and quality of care. From program inception, we engage stakeholders to develop comprehensive and innovative solutions, approaches and implementation strategies. We believe in long-lasting impact and emphasize sustainability and local capacity building across all of our programs.

Supply Chain Management & Logistics

We believe that reliable, effective, and consistent supply chain systems that deliver drugs, medical equipment, and health commodities are a key component of a well function health care system.

Laboratory System Strengthening

We work to improve laboratory systems, services, and supply chains to prevent compromising advances in diagnosis and treatment for a variety of infectious and chronic diseases. We assess laboratory needs and capacity and take public health priorities into consideration.

Community-Based & HIV/AIDS Services

We are committed to strengthening local systems and improving community care for people living with HIV/AIDS. We engage diverse stakeholders to mobilize the necessary support to implement our community-based programs.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children

We focus on strengthening OVC care and support systems by working with families, local community-based organizations and local government offices to encourage a family- and community-centered approach.

Cancer Care

We recognize that developing countries have limited diagnostic and treatment services for cancer. To address this, we are pioneering new approaches and partnering with leading pharmaceutical companies to improve access to cancer drugs and treatment in developing countries.

Research & Evaluation

We understand that healthcare advancements are supported by rigorous analysis of current conditions and existing solutions.  We assess the impact of interventions and new solutions, allowing governments and institutions to make informed decisions.

Capacity Building

We are dedicated to lasting impact and developing local capabilities by designing and conducting regular and systematic training programs, and building sustainable systems based on international best practices.

Private Sector Partnerships 

We are committed to partnerships with the private sector and are pleased to be partnering with a number of major pharmaceutical companies to increase drug access through efficient and effective donations of drugs and other medical products in developing countries. 

In addition, our partner company, Axios International, offer a range of services for private sector clients looking to increase their presence in emerging markets. Read more about Axios International's services