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Capacity Building

A key element of the Axios Foundation’s mission is to develop local capabilities to encourage sustainability and independence.  We believe that we can strengthen communities and increase access to healthcare by focusing on building capacity.  In all of our programs, we seek to design and conduct regular and systematic training programs, and develop sustainable systems based on international best practices.

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Encouraging Local Ownership

Axios has designed and utilized the Axios Mobilization Methodology as a tool to engage stakeholders and encourage local ownership to set the stage for sustainability from inception.  Capacity building in the application of the methodology is carried out through a hands-on exercise in the field. This enables representatives of the national ministries to become trainers themselves when projects are scaled up to cover additional regions.

Training and Knowledge Sharing

The Axios Foundation deploys international and local experts who offer unmatched knowledge, experience and have worked on similar assignments. We ensure that experiences and lessons from similar programs in other countries are brought to bear on the current programs being implemented.  This expertise is augmented with ongoing training in project management, communications, negotiations, conflict-resolution, analytical tools/techniques and other relevant topics of interest. 

Transition Planning

To prepare for the handover of a program at its end, we develop robust transition planning strategy.  We conduct workshops where we provide tools and guidance for our partners to assist them in assuming full responsibility for program activities.  We also hold practical exercises on topics such as priority setting, administration, and financial management to allow our partners to plan and forecast for the resources and funds needed to continue priority activities.