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Community Based & HIV/AIDS Services

The Axios Foundation develops innovative methods to improve the quality of care and help connect people living with HIV/AIDS with services.  Our philosophy has been to work with and strengthen communities and health systems to better address the needs of people with HIV/AIDS and to improve prevention as well as ensure better care for children and others affected by HIV/AIDS.  We encourage and facilitate strong partnerships with all stakeholders to foster comprehensive and participatory decision making and planning to address all challenges.

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Our Capabilities

Axios has extensive experience in HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT), Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT), Home Based Care (HBC) and programs for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC), and has pioneered a number of important innovations in these areas.  We work at the community level to formulate new ideas and solutions that address the social and cultural context of our patients and clients.

Our Experience

Engaging Governments as Partners

Axios is working directly with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in Tanzania to strengthen delivery of home based care.  Our network of volunteers provides services ranging from psychosocial support, nutrition counseling, counseling for drug adherence, family planning, and prevention of new infections, while ministry staff provide supportive supervision and facilitate coordination at the district and ward levels.  We have conisistently applied this model to encourage ownership and sustainability.  Read about the lessons learned from this home based care project here.

Community Integration

We believe in working closely with members of the community to draw on their local knowledge and build trust.  Axios’ PMTCT program in Tanzania involved traditional birth attendants (TBAs) in service delivery.  TBAs are not only central to healthcare delivery, but are also trusted members of the community.  The TBAs encouraged expectant mothers to be tested and deliver in health facilities, where they could also be administered a single dose of Nevirapine to prevent mother to child transmission.  In its initial years, the program accounted for 80% of the pregnant women tested for HIV.

Empowering Women and Girls

In 2014, Axios began a camp activity aimed at improving the quality of life of women affected by HIV and the adolescent girls they care for by providing training, referrals and counseling to help poor women with HIV/AIDS overcome such issues as stigma and lack of access to legal and economic resources. Known as Tujali, Tupende na Tuwezeshe (3T), meaning “let us care, love and empower them,” the camps guide and support adolescent girls in accessing economic and social opportunities, living healthy lives, and contributing to their household, community, and national wellbeing.  Read more about Camp 3T here.