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Laboratory System Strengthening

Quality healthcare delivery in developing countries requires well-functioning and reliable laboratory systems and services.  The Axios Foundation works to ensure that laboratory infrastructure, procurement and distribution of medical technology, maintenance, sustainability and quality assurance meet international standards. We work closely with our partners and stakeholders to mobilize the necessary support to successfully implement laboratory modernization programs.

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Our Capabilities

Axios provides a full range of services in laboratory modernization.  Our expertise covers all aspects of systems strengthening in laboratory infrastructure including building and floor area renovations, selection and procurement of state of the art equipment, strengthening of manpower, laboratory information systems (LIS) design and implementation, equipment maintenance, laboratory supply chain systems, sustainability and quality assurance processes.

Our Experience

Reliable Laboratory Supply Chains

Axios collaborates with the Nigerian Federal and State Governments to ensure a seamless laboratory commodities supply chain and have developed tools to aid in forecasting, quantification and stock monitoring. Axios’ reliable procurement system leverages an established network of suppliers.  We also work with our partners and donors to improve systems and facilities and to provide training and capacity building.

Improving Screening & Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

Axios applied the principles of our laboratory modernization programs to the histopathology laboratory at Tikur Anbessa Hospital in Ethiopia to improve screening and diagnosis of breast cancer. To ensure continuous and smooth operations, the program supported consumables and reagents for all laboratory equipment and maintenance of equipment in accordance with international standards. This program has established the hospital as the national reference center for breast cancer treatment and management.