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Research & Evaluation

Innovative and effective ideas to global health problems are developed and refined through intensive study and understanding of challenges, needs and gaps.  The Axios Foundation’s research and evaluation capabilities allow us to explore major public health issues to uncover successful solutions, continuing weaknesses and new areas for focus to help our partners make informed strategic decisions.

Our Capabilities & Experience

Monitoring & Evaluation

The Axios Foundation undertakes systematic monitoring and evaluation of all of its areas of work.  We seek to inform policy and strategic decisions by providing accurate and comprehensive findings on program efficacy and impact.  We have conducted independent assessments of external initiatives, as well as evaluations of programs that Axios has helped design and manage.  Our work has included evaluations of the Global Fund’s partnership program, evaluations of drug donation and patient assistance programs and an evaluation study of GAVI’s health systems strengthening support program. 

Research & Studies

The Axios Foundation has managed research and evaluation projects that have included well over 100,000 participants, from conception to publication, working in partnership with national, community and consumer stakeholders.  Our local researchers are supplemented by international experts with specific qualitative and quantitative research expertise and skills. Axios has contributed to research focused on several public health topics including women’s cancers, vulnerable children and HIV.