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Supply Chain Management & Logistics

The Axios Foundation believes that efficient and reliable supply chains are an important part of a well-functioning health system.  Our activities in supply chain management and logistics center on health facility systems strengthening, capacity building, developing manpower, and provisioning technical assistance at all levels. We have extensive capabilities and an in-depth understanding of logistics activities for HIV/AIDS and health services.

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Our Capabilities

We provide a broad range of assistance to our clients including forecasting and quantification, procurement planning and execution, inventory planning and management, logistics management, and logistics management information systems.  We focus on strengthening health facilities, capacity building, and providing technical assistance at all points in the supply chain.

Our Experience

A Trusted PEPFAR Partner

In Nigeria, the Axios Foundation has managed the supply chain and logistics activities for three major PEPFAR funded programs.  We have worked with our primary partners as well as USAID, CDC, and the Nigerian Government, to improve systems, facilities, and training in central medical stores and health facilities throughout the country.

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Strengthening Existing Systems and Resources

By identifying gaps and complementing existing systems to ensure consistent supplies of health commodities, the Axios Foundation approach ensures no duplication of effort. We have designed a two- track strategy for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Global Fund to respond to immediate logistics needs, while also developing the supply chain systems and building long-term capacity to ensure sustainable results.