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About Us

Axios was formed by a group of health experts who shared the vision of an organization that could work effectively with clients and stakeholders to improve access to healthcare in developing countries and emerging markets.

In 1997, following the pioneering efforts of its founders in launching one of the first antiretroviral (ARV) access programs as part of the UNAIDS Drug Access Initiative – which proved that ARTs could be delivered safely and effectively in low-income settings and paved the way for subsequent price reductions – Axios International was created, followed by the Axios Foundation in 2000.

Growing demand combined with ever increasing costs for healthcare are requiring a radical re-think of top-down models of state-provided healthcare to ensure sustainability. With offices across the globe and a broad network of international organizations and local institutions, Axios International works with private and public sector healthcare stakeholders to develop and implement one-of-a-kind strategies that blend business, government and patient interests, and as a result, create sustainable solutions for the changing healthcare industry.

Our mission is to deliver pioneering solutions that:

  • Increase access to medicines, diagnostics, and healthcare services
  • Transform and modernize healthcare infrastructure
  • Leverage the contributions of stakeholders, public and private entities and NGOs
  • Realize significant and meaningful results
  • Validate new models and methodologies for advancing healthcare

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AF Leadership Team
Axios' founders and staff in Durban, South Africa in 1997 (from left: Heather Houlihan, Peter Ahern, Anne Reeler, Joseph Saba, John MacDonald)
IMG 3220
Axios International staff during company meeting in 2016