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Our Approach

The current healthcare landscape is one that is continuously evolving to adjust to economic, social and political change. In today’s emerging markets, where challenging economic and political situations often prevail and demands on the healthcare system continue to grow, one’s ability to adjust is crucial – this is where Axios International comes in.

AI works closely with healthcare companies to optimize their presence in emerging markets while ensuring that patient needs are met. This unique approach, which blends commercial and patient interests, is the bread and butter of Axios’ access philosophy.  

With nearly 20 years of focused experience in access to care in emerging markets, Axios brings a number of unique advantages to its clients:

  • Proven methodologies and tools: Axios’ proprietary methodologies and tools help clients formulate manage and evaluate strategies and programs to deliver optimal results.   
  • Global network of contacts:  Axios responds to its clients’ needs efficiently and effectively by leveraging its unique relationships with decision-makers and key opinion leaders. Our network reaches across more than 100 countries, allowing for significant intervention capabilities and a comprehensive repository of local data and expertise.
  • Multi-disciplinary teams of healthcare specialists: Across Africa, Asia, U.S., Europe, Latin America and the Middle East, Axios' well-rounded staff specialize in health policy, pricing, economics and financing, laboratory and clinical management, drug logistics, social and epidemiological research, communications and human resources management.