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Our Methodologies

Axios’ proprietary methodologies and tools help clients formulate, manage and evaluate strategies and programs to deliver optimal results.

Affordability and Economic Modeling

The Axios’ Affordability and Economic models calculate the commercial viability, sustainability and value of a market access strategy based on a patient’s ability to pay for a given treatment. The Affordability Model is a unique methodology that segments the patient population in a given country or region according to the population’s affordability levels. The Economic Model calculates incremental profits and expected patient reach for various access scenarios, based on the Affordability model patient segmentation, market share and sales targets. Read more

Patient Financial Eligibility Tool (PFET)

PFET is a one-of-a-kind tool developed by Axios to assess ability to pay based on an individual’s real financial situation. It is the only patient assessment tool available today that is able to segment the entire market and takes into consideration income, assets and standard of living to ensure an accurate assessment in countries where informal economies often prevail. For more information, view Axios' article published in Population Health Management. Read more 

Axios Mobilization Methodology (AMM)

The central principle of the Axios Mobilization Methodology (AMM) is that the people who are asked to assess a problem are also those who will be responsible for implementing the solution. This approach mobilizes people for change by securing local ownership, building capacity and ensures consistency in implementation.