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Employee Testimonials

ANofal Bio Photo
Anas Nofal
MENA Director, United Arab Emirates

“The idea of utilizing cost-sharing programs to increase access to healthcare is an innovative concept in the Middle East and being involved in helping patients in such a unique and lasting way is the most rewarding part of my work. At Axios, I get to use both my medical background and management experience and I feel like I am continuously learning something new.”

MHBesson Bio Photo
Marie-Helene Besson
Compliance Manager, France

"We are continuously improving processes and procedures so that our access programs are fully compliant with changing international and local regulations, and that these programs are providing optimum value to the clients, partners and patients we serve. While it can be a challenge, I particularly enjoy working with my colleagues in our offices around the world to identify country specific needs and how to translate those needs into effective internal processes that help us work smarter and better."

TChuakunta Bio Photo
Thanika Chuakunta
Country Operations Manager, Thailand

"My job at Axios revolves around the management of a cost sharing program in Thailand to help patients access higher-quality medicines. This is a very rewarding job as I am able to make a positive impact on society, especially every time I see the smiles of the patients in the program. The working environment is also very pleasant as I am surrounded by great people who work professionally and are always supportive. Working here at Axios is indeed a valuable and memorable life experience that cannot be forgotten."

HBosa Bio Photo
Henrietta Bosa
Program Manager, Uganda

“Working at Axios and being involved in a variety of aspects around project design and implementation is both edifying and rewarding. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of a team of dynamic and brilliant colleagues who see beyond the impediments to offer solutions.”