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Market Communications

A well-rounded, effective access strategy is one where all patients and stakeholders are well-informed and aligned with key objectives. For this reason, Axios offers a suite of communications services to drive support at the local, regional and international levels. 

Stakeholder Mapping and Management

Axios combines its local expertise with its global network of contacts in government institutions, public and private hospitals and clinics and patient organizations to create comprehensive stakeholder maps that reflect market reality and accurately capture level of influence, willingness to engage and contributions of those driving key healthcare decisions on the ground. Once identified, we work closely with stakeholders to ensure local ownership and buy-in.

Value Proposition Development

In both reimbursed and self-pay markets, Axios utilizes a multi-step approach to develop value messages that are locally-validated and tailored to specific stakeholder audiences. Our validated process allows messages to be developed from the “inside out,” giving stakeholders an active role in the value message development process.

Grassroots Communications

Axios develops tailored local communications campaigns that focus on creating trust and building relationships with target audiences – from patients to local communities, healthcare professionals and policy makers – to drive uptake of interventions addressing some of today’s most pressing health challenges.

Advocacy Communications

Axios aims to advance health agendas by utilizing tangible country experiences to demonstrate feasibility, interest and need from the ground up. Our advocacy work for HIV/AIDS and cancer in the developing world has been credited with driving key policies around Prevention-of-Mother-to-Child-Transmission (PMTCT) and opening the door to several public-private partnerships actively working against today’s growing cancer burden. 

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