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Axios Participates in the Global Forum on Cervical Cancer Prevention

May 27, 2013

Our Communications Director, Mariana Rodrigues, and Asia New Business Development Director, Li Min Yeoh, recently participated in the Global Forum on Cervical Cancer Prevention in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They were joined by two recipients of the Gardasil Access Program, a program currently managed by Axios: Florence Mohai, Head of the Family Health Division, Lesotho Ministry of Health, and Dr. Surendra Bade, President of the Nepal Network for Cancer Treatment & Research (NNCTR). Both were there to share experiences and lessons learned from their respective HPV vaccination programs.

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At the Forum, a group of international organizations launched the Call for Universal Access to Cervical Cancer Prevention. The call aims to build momentum for the uptake of HPV vaccines and screening and treatment tools. 

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Axios awards Patients Friends Committe 4

Axios International awards Patient’s Friends Committee for their ongoing collaboration to increase healthcare access for patients in UAE

May 07, 2013

Picture: Anas Nofal (Program Manager, Axios International), Joseph Saba (Chief Executive Officer, Axios International), Sheikh Mohamed bin Saqer al Qasimi (Assistant Under-secretary MOH, Director of Sharjah Medical District, Board Director and Head of Patient's Friends Committee) and Aqeel al Zarouni (Financial Director of Patient's Friends Committee)

Axios publishes study on the availability and use of Artemisinin-based combination therapy in the private sector of five AMFm countries

April 23, 2013

In 2009, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria established the Affordable Medicines Facility-malaria (AMFm) in order to increase access to quality-assured artemisinin combination therapy (QAACT). A study conducted by Axios to assess the availability and use of Artemisinin-based combination therapy in the private sector of five out of eight AMFm phase 1 countries was recently published in BMC Malaria Journal. The objective of this study was to assess anti-malarial stock and purchase patterns at private outlets in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda  in regard to three of the core AMFm goals: increase the affordability of QAACT, increase the availability of QAACT, and crowd out artemisinin monotherapies and other substandard therapies. Results from the study indicate that while the AMFm has not yet fully achieved its affordability and crowd-out objectives, the final purchase price of AMFm QAACT was substantially lower than non-AMFm equivalents. Moreover, for both urban and rural areas, AMFm QAACT availability was found to be high, and the various forms of QAACT were the best-selling products among all anti-malarials. These findings suggest a continued need for initiatives like the AMFm that improve the affordability and accessibility of QAACT.

The full article can be accessed here.

Axios Publishes Validation Study of Patient Financial Eligibility Tool (PFET)

January 23, 2013

A study that validates the Axios’ Patient Financial Eligibility Tool (PFET) was recently published in Population Health Management. PFET is a one-of-a-kind tool developed by Axios to assess ability to pay for medication based on an individual’s real financial situation. The study was conducted based on primary data collected from 117 cancer patients in China, India, Thailand and Malaysia. Agreement was measured between results from the PFET and from an Impact Survey (IS) conducted after beginning drug therapy to quantify a patient's actual ability to pay in terms of number of drug cycles per year. The degree of agreement between the PFET and IS was found to be perfect (equal number of drug cycles) for 58.1% of patients, fair (1 cycle difference) for 29.1%, and poor (>1 cycle) for 12.8%. The study confirms that the PFET is an effective tool for determining an individual’s ability to pay for treatment. If combined with tiered models for patient participation in the cost of medication, it could help to increase access to high-priced products in developing countries.

The full article can be accessed here.

Patients' Friends Association Partners with Axios International in the UAE

December 05, 2012

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between the Patients’ Friends Association (PFA) and Axios International in Sharjah Medical Zone. The cooperation agreement was signed by Mohammed Abdullah Al Jowder, (Executive Director of PFA) and Dr. Joseph Saba, (Chief Executive Officer, Axios International), in the presence of Sheikh Mohammed bin Saqr Al Qasimi, (Deputy Minister of Health and Assistant Director of Sharjah Medical Zone, the Chairman of PFA), Ammar Damerji, (Regional Director for the Middle East, Axios International) and Anas Nofal (Program Manager, Axios International). The purpose of the MOU is to work together to provide health support services and treatments to patients in need.

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Axios Publishes Analysis of Eight HPV Vaccination Programs

May 29, 2012

An assessment of eight HPV vaccination programs implemented in lowest income countries, a study on the results of and key concerns of eight HPV vaccination programs conducted in seven lowest income countries through the Gardasil Access Program (GAP), was recently published in BMC Public Health.The eight programs analyzed initially targeted a total of 87,580 girls, of which 76,983 received the full 3-dose vaccine course, with mean program vaccination coverage of 87.8% and mean adherence between the first and third doses of 90.9%. Three programs used school-based delivery models, two used health facility-based models and three used mixed models that included schools and health facilities. The study found that mixed models that incorporate both schools and health facilities appear to be the most effective at delivering HPV vaccine.

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Axios Access Webinar Recording Now Live

February 20, 2012

WEBINAR: Healthcare Access in 2012: What Emerging Markets Are Trying To Tell Us And Why We Should Listen

The current healthcare landscape is one that is continuously evolving to adjust to economic, social or even political changes. In today’s emerging markets, where challenging economic and political situations prevail and cancer and chronic disease rates continue to rise making access to healthcare more important than ever, one’s willingness to adjust is crucial. This has proven to be quite a challenge for the slow-to-adapt healthcare industry. Interestingly enough, it is in these challenging emerging markets that key players – from private companies to governments, NGOs and healthcare professionals – are finding new opportunities and learning to adjust to the industry’s new rules in the process.

Held on February 20th, 2012, the webinar addressed how emerging markets are paving the way to a new generation of healthcare access and how stakeholders can best leverage that opportunity to drive sustainable patient outcomes. 

Speakers included:

Panos Kanavos, Director, International Health Policy Programme, Department of Social Policy, London School of Economics Dr. Joseph Saba, Chief Executive Officer, Axios International  Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Wahid, Clinical Oncologist and President of the Malaysian Oncological Society

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Axios participated in 2nd World Healthcare Congress Middle East

November 15, 2011

Anne Reeler, Chief Technical Officer, Axios International, participated in the panel “Promising Advancements in Disease Detection and Treatment” scheduled on Tuesday, December 13. The panel was part of the  2nd World Healthcare Congress Middle East held in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The panel discussed:

  • The role of technology in improving the costs and patient outcomes of chronic disease management 
  • Dissemination of health information through social innovations
  • What advancements has the industry provided in the diagnosis and treatment of NCDs
  • Improved outcomes via advanced screening and diagnostic methods for disease detection and treatment
  • Innovative tools for infectious diseases surveillance

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New CanTreat Paper Released

December 22, 2010

At the International Union Against Cancer (UICC) Conference in China, August 2010, a leading group of cancer experts, CanTreat International (including the CEO and CTO of Axios), released a new report on cancer treatment.

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